Our priority at Goldsmith's

is learning though,

fun, play and creativity

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No registration/Administration Fee

Accept up to 30 hours Government Funding

Capacity: Up to 15 Children

Age range: 2 to 2 years 9 months / 3

Number of staff: 4


A ratio of 1 staff to 4 children.


We have two rooms for this age group: a comfy base room with a variety of resources and play areas, plus another room which caters for messy play and meal/snack times.


In these rooms the 2-3 year olds are gaining skills through their play and structured activities which is in preparation for their education in the Pre-School room.


We have two child sized toilets and a variety of potties for when toilet training begins. For those children still in nappies we have a changing area. Parents provide nappies, cream and wipes which are kept in separate baskets.

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