Our priority at Goldsmith's

is learning though,

fun, play and creativity

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No registration/Administration Fee

Accept up to 30 hours Government Funding

Capacity: Up to 6 children

Age range: 3 months to 2 years old

Number of staff: 2


A ratio of 1 staff to 3 children.


Routines that are set at home can be maintained at Nursery, so feeding and sleep times can stay the same to hopefully avoid any sleepless nights. We have a separate room for non-mobile to crawling and toddling that provides age and stage appropriate opportunities to investigate, explore and move about with a focus on messy and physical play to build those important foundations for future learning and play.


There is a separate area for messy activities for fun with paint, jelly, sand and water play. We provide opportunities for all babies to take part in activities, giving them a wide range of experiences in order to develop further skills and interests, which are the foundation for future learning.


This room is self sufficient, with nappy changing facilities, sink, fridge and bottle warmer. Children are provided with fresh bedding for sleep and we have travel cots and foam mattresses, depending on individual needs.

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